My name is Danielle. I am a professional hair stylist and salon owner. My career has been intentionally highly varied. 

I moved to London when I was 20; I had been a qualified stylist for three years. When I arrived in London, I soon realised I was a tiny fish in the most enormous hairdressing pond you could ever imagine, and I would have drowned, but I had drive. I was so eager and passionate about learning, being creative, and challenging myself that I threw myself into everything possible. From this point, my hunger for learning has not disappeared. I spent the first six years in a beautiful award-winning salon. They taught me 5-star customer service and how to understand my clients. 

Alongside the salon, I worked on music videos for a Grammy award-winning singer; I have worked on TV shows, MTV, XTRA FACTOR, BRITAINS GOT MORE TALENT, THIS MORNING, LORAINE, TGIF, and many more. I have styled hair for GQ awards and Sportswoman of the Year awards for SKY sports, some of which have been live. Not to mention extensive experience in photo shoots, stage presentations, and seminars at hair shows for Redken.

I then became an in-house trainer for the salon and a Redken Artist, and from there, I decided to be an educator full-time. I took a giant leap, left the salon, joined L’Oréal, and taught new colouring techniques to advanced colourists in London. After one year with L’Oréal, I left London and went to Barcelona for one Year. I worked alongside the talented Global Ambassador for Moroccan Oil, helping him with his classes for stylists worldwide.

I then returned to London and joined the Gielly Green team as an artistic director in Marylebone and the four seasons hotel branch; this was another fantastic experience. 

I am an interested person; I love people, women and making a woman feel sexy, inspired, strong and motivated to face whatever is on the other side of that salon door for her. I love how I can change a person in 1 hour and make a woman ooze confidence like she never thought she had.. “the street is the catwalk of everyday life”, so work it!!!!!